About Us

"Benefit Others Through Business Planning"

That’s the mission statement of the PlanAnything.com site and our in-house mantra.

It’s just five words long, but it sums up …
  1. Exactly what we are about
  2. Why we exist
  3. What it is that we want to achieve 

Research clearly shows that the majority of businesses fail because of a lack of planning. Our aim is to put an end to that by creating a set of tools that will allow any business - large or small - to become master planners.

When we say “benefit others” we really do mean that. We want to make these tools as affordable as possible and if that means making them available free of charge to those who are just starting off, or can’t afford to pay anything, then we will do exactly that. That’s how much we want to benefit others.

Our team is made up of people from a wide variety of backgrounds, ranging from expert planners with post-graduate qualifications in business strategy, through to guys and gals who have worked in the business trenches for years.

This wide range of expertise means we can come up with real world solutions for real businesses, because these are exactly the same tools and processes as we use on a daily basis.

But there is one more member of the team I haven't mentioned, and that person is actually THE most important member of the team ... and that's you!

With your help, and the help and feedback of other PlanAnything users, we can fine-tune the planning tools we are making available so that they meet your specific needs. So, as our most valuable team member, don't hesitate to share your thoughts by visiting the link below.

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